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Marketing in the Time of Hurricane Sandy

Expressions of Compassion and Empathy

What is the first thing that Points Group did following the historically disastrous  wrath of Hurricane Sandy? Considering we are located in the ‘eye of the storm’, ours was an especially important mission. We took careful and tactical steps to provide appropriate follow-up for all of our clients. This included crafting compassionate letters to be posted on websites and circulated to clients’ medical patients and customers. The letters relayed clients’ own experiences (for those in the area of the storm), and conveyed the hopes that patients and customers had recovered as best as possible. The message was also clear that the clients were back in business and ready to serve their audience, and invited their patients/customers to contact them.

In the continuing wake of the storm, and despite the fact that Points is also in the area of the Hurricane and directly impacted, our company has also made sure to contact clients personally and offer our support and assistance to them.

We mention these measures because of recent publicity on those companies who got it wrong. That includes the example of Groupon below, as well as other advertising from LivingSocial, and various retailers boasting about “deals in New York City.”

The lesson, and the message, is clear: when marketing, or conducting any aspect of business, a company must be on top of current events, and with heightened sensitivity, express its own humanity.

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As much of Manhattan coped with Hurricane Sandy power outages, deal-sharing site Groupon shocked many by continuing to market a Midtown deal for a dining-in-the-dark restaurant called Dans le Noir — a move some New Yorkers living in forced darkness felt was less than amusing.

Gloria Averbuch

Gloria Averbuch

Content Development & PR
Gloria Averbuch serves as content writer and specializes in marketing and PR for the company. She brings her extensive writing and media experience as the author of 13 books on sports, health and fitness, several of which have been translated into various languages, and two that have won prestigious literary awards. She also has nearly two decades of writing and broadcasting experience for radio and some TV. She specializes in creating ‘consumer friendly’ copy from even the most highly technical or esoteric subject matter, and does everything from print to video for website, patient testimony, and social media. In addition to her work at Points Group, Gloria, a San Francisco-native, is an active athlete (former Masters running champion), one of the company’s several dual language speakers, and the mother of two grown daughters, who work in and play professional soccer.
Gloria Averbuch

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